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The Finest in Middle Eastern Specialty Foods, Fresh Baked Pita Bread, Fresh Baked Baklava (many different varieties), European Style Cakes, Cookies and Pastries and so much more ... Come by and Visit Us  or Purchase On-line! 

We Now Have Available, Healthy Homemade Style Dinners that we prepare just like you would make at home with only the freshest ingredients. 

Our cakes and cookies are also prepared Homemade Style, with real eggs, real butter, real cream, real sugar.  

Leon International Foods has been serving the southeast since 1979.  We specialize in selling the absolute finest in Middle Eastern and International groceries.  We carry a wide selection of breads, olives, seeds, nuts, grains, cheeses, olive oils, cookies, authentic pastries, seasonings and much more.

Our homemade style dinners include:  Rolled Grapeleaves with meat or without, Rolled Cabbage,  Stuffed Squash, Stuffed Eggplant, Okra with meat or without, Ouzi (rice with meat and peas wrapped in fillo), Baked Kibbe trays, Fried Kibbe and many more options for a quick and easy solution for a healthy lunch or dinner.

Plus we have the Yummiest Falafel Sandwich, that is rolled in our fresh baked white or whole wheat pita bread!   

 We are located at:  4000-A  Pleasantdale Road Atlanta, Georgia  30340

You can call us at: 770-416- 6620   or  fax  770-416-6612

We are open  Monday - Saturday  9:00 - 7:00   Sunday  1:00 - 5:00   EST

Please come back to our website to see the latest news and events in the Atlanta Middle Eastern community.


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